One Set-Up, Lots Of Looks Pt 2

Peter’s clients love his ability to work fast, and give them a variety of looks. In these tutorials he shows you how he does that – by building a set that can be shot from all angles with the same set up, and still provide stunning photos from any direction adn a range of diversity in the looks.

4 comments on “One Set-Up, Lots Of Looks Pt 2

  • Damn it guys! Just when I’m thinking of selling my gear – models to hard to find, no one really interested in this style in my area – boring Insta bla, bla, bla…you guys go and put this up and all I want to do is run to the nearest studio to try it. You could not have picked a better name than “Inspire” Peter. You do it every time.
    would have love to make it to Melbourne for your course again but can’t trust the state border shutdowns for a quick visit.

  • martin.buschmann says:

    “That`s too pretty fo you” – made my day 😀 I can`t stop admiring your interaction. Light talk and pictures are a nice bonus. Hell sometimes i do my own stuff and just listen the videos as a podcast – the interaction is THAT good! Fun fact: it is weird and funny going through own pictures and hearing Peters voice: ” yeah, thats really pretty. Cool, cool, cool. Thats pretty”

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