One Light Set Up

Peter is very well known for his ‘one light’ set up, and in this 4 part tutorial he will show you how many different looks you can get out of one light in the same position simply by moving the model or yoursef.

2 comments on “One Light Set Up

  • Thank you, for these extraordinary behind the scenes and thus for the pleasing treatment of fellow human beings.
    Could you perhaps reveal more details about the light placement?
    How many cm is the center of the light or the edge of the softbox to the head of the model?

    Thanks, Kathi!

    • Thanks so much Kathi, glad you’re enjoying the tutorials. The distance of the light varies because every face different and every light difuser is different. The closer the model is to the light, the more the light will wrap around them. I don’t work in the way of measuring things, I move the model around until it looks good 🙂

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