1st Set Up

Peter works every day of his life, even when we travel, he still shoots on his days off as he just loves creating incredible photos. Because we don’t always know what our Airbnb will be like in terms of natural light, Peter has a few essential lighting items he always brings with him to be able to create a studio anywhere in the world. In these tutorials, he shows you the equipment he travels with and 5 different looks you can achieve with it.

Tutorial on the Vibesta Peragos coming soon!

9 comments on “1st Set Up

    • Thanks heaps Steve, we’re so happy you enjoyed it 🙂 the thumbnail was only temporary & from another shoot, I was waiting for Peter to edit one from this shoot and just needed to put something up in the mean time haha. But the lighting for that shot was a single bare bulb

  • Hi Bec, Hi Peter.

    I did not get what was the light you used in replacement of the Rotolight. I purchased myself the Rotolight and I’m happy with it. Could you please tell us what are the main differences between these two small lights ? Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Yann, I love the Rotolight and would still use it but I find the Peragos to be better because it has full RGB and I can put a sony battery in it – I will be doing a separate tutorial on it soon, it was too bright in the studio on this day for me to demonstrate it properly.

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