3rd Set Up

Peter works every day of his life, even when we travel, he still shoots on his days off as he just loves creating incredible photos. Because we don’t always know what our Airbnb will be like in terms of natural light, Peter has a few essential lighting items he always brings with him to be able to create a studio anywhere in the world. In these tutorials, he shows you the equipment he travels with and 5 different looks you can achieve with it.

Tutorial on the Vibesta Peragos coming soon!

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  • Matthew Johnson says:

    Hi Peter,
    A trick I have found for dealing with the Profoto triggers and lights in close proximity is to loosely wraps a small piece of Cinefoil (or any tin foil) around the back and a couple sides of the trigger. This attenuates the radio signal enough to prevent saturating the strobe’s receiver while still trigger the strobe.

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