Lighting The Body – Fine Tune & Shoot

Peter gets asked a lot about shooting men and lighting bodies/ body builders. This tutorial shows you how he acheives a perfectly lit body that can be applied to all body types and even women.

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  • capturedlight says:

    Hi Peter and Bec,

    A lot of photographers say you should never combine different light brands as you’ll get mixed results. I noticed that you’re combining Broncolor and Profit with this shoot. Are lights better these days, so you don’t have as many issues when you combine brands, it isn’t such an issue with combined lights for a BW image versus color or something else?

    • Hi Eric, with Broncolor I can change my colour temperature in the pack to suit the Profoto, but you’re going to gegt a bigger colour change with the type of modifier you put on the light. You’ll get a big difference if you have a white on one light and a cream beauty dish on the same brand light. But as I work in b&w, it’s not a problem although I’ve never had problem on commercial with colour either, if a light is very different I just don’t use that light 🙂

  • Peter, this session produced some of your most amazing images. I wasn’t sure at first where this shoot was headed, but the outcome is incredible, artistic, melodic and downright beautiful. Bravo. Now I’m inspired to try shooting male models when it’s safe to get back into my studio. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  • ron.rothenberg says:

    Hi Peter!
    I’ve followed your YouTube videos since I first encountered them a few months ago, and love your work and your process. I shoot a lot of high level dancers, and would love to see a detailed walk-through of your lighting setup for this shoot and others you do involving dance/movement. I’ve never been one to like to “flood the zone” with light, rather to try and “carve” it to achieve desired light/shadow. Thanks so much!

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