Clamshell 3

Peter has been Clamshell Lighting for years and it has been one of our most requested tutorials. Over this series of tutorials, Peter shows you all the various ways of creating the clamshell lighting, highlighting the different looks & feels each one gives.

4 comments on “Clamshell 3

  • Hi guys,
    Sorry y I couldn’t leave a comment on Clamshell 4, but its regarding that video..

    Was the scrim needed specifically to diffuse the light considerably or could the same effect be created with two small soft boxes at the same distance, separation and height?

    • Hey Simon, so sorry you coulnd’t comment but thanks for letting me know, I’ve just fixed it up. If you used two soft boxes instead of the scrim it would be similar but not the exact same, as with most of these different clamshell videos 🙂

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