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Peter has been Clamshell Lighting for years and it has been one of our most requested tutorials. Over this series of tutorials, Peter shows you all the various ways of creating the clamshell lighting, highlighting the different looks & feels each one gives.

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  • Peter
    You mentioned that models with round faces don’t photograph well with this clamshell set up.
    Is there a clamshell set up that would work with models with that face shape?

  • richard_frewin says:

    Hi Peter
    Great tutorial, I tried this setup in the studio last time, and really like the lighting (have previously used a similar setup with a beauty dish and reflector). I’m back in the studio next week but have a slight issue.

    I was using octaboxes rather than umbrella’s, and with the strobe mounted on the back of the octa, the top of the ‘bottom’ clamshell octa was high off the floor as I couldn’t lower it any further – the model had to stand in the end and it was still quite high..

    Any suggestions on how to get it lower, or would you recommend getting the type of umbrella you use? You appear to be about to mount it easier.

    Hope that makes sense! The more I learn, the more useful your tutorials are becoming.


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