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These tutorials show you how Peter works during commerical jobs, test shoots & his own personal shoots.

6 comments on “#1

  • zacgrimaldo says:

    I just joined the Inspire group, and started watching, but it is there a shoot where you are working with a model for the first time, doing a tight headshot and you talking to her about where to go in her own headspace? Or how to get to that place, to get the look or expression that you are looking for, as you allude to in this video. That would be a great lesson!

    • Hey Zac, there is a few videos of Peter ‘breaking’ models 🙂 This tutorial with Julia was from their first shoot together of him getting her in the right headspace, and this tutorial with Mary shows him working with a typical e-commerce model and trying to take that out of her. We have plans to film a new tutorial working with a model for the first time in the next few months, thanks for the suggestion!

  • frank_a_nguyen says:

    Hi Peter, i may have missed it. Even though final shots are black and white but when setting up originally do hchange or adjust the color white balance on the camera also? Her skin turn on the color version before you converted to b&w it looked so nice.

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