3 Light High-Key

This series of tutorials covers all the different types of High-Key Lighting Peter uses.

Camera: Hasselblad H6D-50c
-1st look: Profoto D1 with 1.5 umbrella and soft diffuser (also known as a ’sock’ diffuser). V-boards (polystyrene boards tapes together, 1 side painted black). Lights behind V-boards are Broncolor Pluso
-2nd Look: Broncolor Pluso light with P70 reflector
-3rd Look: Broncolor Pluso light with P70 reflector
-4th look: Broncolor Siro head lighting background (we used a Scrim) with Natural Light

Model- Amy
Hair & Make up: Tiarna Robertson

4 comments on “3 Light High-Key

  • Hi Peter! Is this possible in small places? I tried similary setup but subject was in blackbox (black v-flats on both sides and black fabrik on top. I tried subject 2m to 5m from background but there was razor sharp light hitting on edge of jawline. Backgroud light wasn’t too powerful and the power didn’t make difference. Is the problem becouse of the black box, is that why the light behaves like that?

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