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What Lens Mkii

This is a next step in me finding what lenses Peter thinks he should carry for the look and ease of use so he can get the shot.

12 comments on “What Lens Mkii

  • Thanks Peter, amazing learning from the video. What a way to really test out lenses! This is how people really need to try out and choose lenses.
    There is always that one lens which gives a unique signature which sits in the right blend of sharpness and feel for own’s style of photography. Unfortunately in the mad race for acquiring the new and “better” ones these get discarded and with that goes your signature as well.

  • Wolfram Kollig says:

    Thanks Peter, I have a shoot coming up with a 1950ties theme, so I might actually pick that early 50 Summilux which is from the same time…

    On you tube you just showed a 110 year old lens, actually you might experience the same effect with any pre-war lens which is not coated, like a Hektor 73/1.9. They do have some resolution but a very low contrast level.

  • Your thoughts about lenses has improved my photography. You made me rethink my gear. Cost me a whole bunch of time, but has saved me a whole bunch of space in my bag. It was worth it. Thanks.

  • cameronjohnsphotography says:

    Thank you for this… my life has changed now I have the 35-150 f2-2.8 and the 85 1.4. This really lets me really capture everything I am interested in.

  • richard.murphy2018 says:

    Bec, I know you were just standing as a target, but I think these images of you are some of the best I have seen. My take may well be coloured by the type of photography I have had do (‘models’ that I doorstep ‘on the street’ due to Covid-19 and model acquisition issues) over the past few years. Your more relaxed, not ‘posing’ look is awesome.
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on these images.
    Peter, enjoyed the video, my solution is to have a 50mm, an 85mm and a 70-200mm Canons with the Sigma converter, you suggested, for when I am shooting my A7 🙂 – poverty makes life much simpler 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks so much Richard, I’m not personally a fan of the photos, as I knew Peter was just testing lenses there is no thought behind my expression, but I do know some people love that look so I completely get where you are coming from 🙂

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