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Paid vs Unpaid Models

This rant is Peter talking about the difference between hiring a paid model or working with a model on an unpaid basis for a test shoot and the things you could typically expect from the shoot along with etiquette.

5 comments on “Paid vs Unpaid Models

  • Valuable!

    (the effect of ‘Bec Talking’ with how the t-shirt moves and looking at us as she wants to kill somebody is… “some extra dimension to the video” 😀 )

  • ericwallisphotography says:

    It seems like in Massachusetts all models want to be paid and then have an only fans page to make more money. I feel like photographers have become a commodity.

    • I only shoot paid models. And yes, some are more ‘professional’ than others in their abilities but in paying them, you get a signed photo release and total control of what you do with the imagery. You don’t even have to give them edited results. I do because I want them happy and want to shoot with me again and if they show their model friends, I get more available models to photograph. TF models are usually ‘once and done’ and you can’t ethically do anything with the imagery. And certainly can’t post them to Social Media. I know people do it all the time but that doesn’t make it legal or ethical. What makes serious money on OnlyFans is not polished, professional imagery. It’s personal ‘selfies’, IE: the girlfriend experience. And can you blame a professional model wanting to make money? If they make money, they continue to model and get better and better in doing so instead of, “I used to model back when I was young but there was no money in it to make a living.” I shoot women… Between models retiring due to lack of money, ‘photographers’ refusing to pay for their services and now AI coming along to replace breathing living humans with digital ‘perfection’, we’ll all end up shooting tree bark. Oh, and everyone with a cell phone is a ‘photographer’… Certainly no commodity. Throw in PhotoShop’s one click fixes, sky replacements, AI generative fill, what anymore is an actual photograph? Just pretty pictures that mean nothing. Just like the line in the movie, “When everyone is special, then no one will be.” (I’m not ranting on you Eric, just ‘triggered’ by your comment and time on my hands. Not shooting anything and grumpy about it. The model I’ve been shooting moved away and I”ll be surprised if I shoot anything for the rest of the year… Unless a traveling professional model happens through my area or I pay to have one of your Massachusetts models fly round trip down to shoot with me. [smile] But I don’t have Peter’s kind of money… Alas!!!)

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