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Finding Models 2021

In 2018 we made a video explaining how we find models, however both the world & the industry have changed since then, so here is an updated video taking you through how we source our model in both Australia and overseas in 2021, with some added advice for when you are finding your own models.

Click here for a link to the To Do list we mentioned

22 comments on “Finding Models 2021

  • Thank you again for this very helpfull and honest tutorial! Thanks for sharing your ‘struggle’. I got (get) my models via FB-TFP sites in the Netherlands. But unfortinately ‘eyes’ are hard to get. There are a lot of girls these days who call themselfs ‘models’ … (selffie models) and want to get paid for that. It’s a challenge and maybe quest to get ‘quality’ but the path worth walking … Thanks again! You’re great!

    • I absolutely agree with you.
      So for me I try not to use ecomm models as they are only interested in $$$$$$ Well most are anyway. However, there are always exceptions to that rule and there will be some models who will negotiate with you for reasonable expenses such as, pay for my fuel or if they live over an hour from me and travel I can offer to provide a room for the night if required and food. But saying all that there are a lot of folks with a cameras calling themselves photographers willing to Pay for their first experiences which what’s heating up the supply pool of selfie models. I say just don’t do it.

  • Thanks for the update. I feel your frustration and appreciate all the suggestions. When you get a chance, can you post a link or description of the “to do” app you mention ? Take care of you !

  • Phillip.Coveney says:

    Does your intuition tell you this is an in between period art, culture, fashion, etc, in which we’ll see a new emergence of a creative period, or have we entered a period of blandness? By which I mean at the societal level. I think there’s alway something interesting going on at the individual level.

  • danielmedley says:

    As always excellent stuff, Peter.

    The world is definitely becoming more ‘woke.’ But I think we’ll see a bit of a backlash against it. I think I’m starting to see it a bit where I’m at. But it could just be wishful thinking on my part.

    With regards to cold approaching people, I’ve had a different experience, and there hasn’t much of a “creep” factor. Some of my best muses have come from approaching people who aren’t “models.” Perhaps it depends on how it’s done. I do a fair amount of what is known as Stranger Photography; approaching someone and asking to take a photo of them right then and there; a sort of street portrait. Most people are open to it, and I spend a little time talking with them, explaining what my stranger photography is all about, hand them a card and let them know they can email me and I’ll reply with their photo. The whole thing is actually a kind of stealth test shoot to see what they do with their eyes–with some direction of course.

    During that process they see both my website and my Instagram page and can see that I’m an actual photographer, not just some creeper with a camera. When I send them their photo, they typically reply back with a thank you. I then tell them that if they ever want to do a “real” shoot to let me know. Typically they reply with a yes and are excited about it.

    Part of the reason I started doing this is that I’m in a relatively small population area; just under 2 million people in the metro area. Most of the people calling themselves a “model” on various local groups and IG have already been photographed many times, and typically what I feel are bad habits are deeply ingrained and very difficult to break.

    Any way, I wish the best for you and yours.

    • Thanks so much Daniel, glad you enjoyed it.
      I’m glad you’ve found a way of approaching people that works for you and allows you to get the photos you are after, we all work in different ways to suit our own styles 🙂 I agree with you about the difficulty of breaking bad habits, that can be a huge challenge with some models.

  • richard.murphy2018 says:

    I sent a VERY professional Instagram message and had had a very positive face to face… all good, or so I thought.
    What was not good was the ‘model’ had a brother, who thought he knew best and contacted the police… I have just finished talking with them, no worries, no probs… but quite disconcerting.
    So, even very carefully following the ‘rules’ has it’s unlookedfor issues. I agree with one of your comments concerning the ‘woke’ world in which we now live.

  • Richard Webster says:

    I have some concerns that quite a large fraction of would-be male photographers won’t understand what an experienced photographer means by “make her uncomfortable.” Maybe just me, but I’ve run into quite a few men who have neither the context or the personal qualities to make that work safely and successfully.

      • Bob Sewell says:

        I believe it is referencing 24:22. Though, I would suspect the ‘large fraction of would-be male photographers’ that would be of concern are not who Inspire is for.

        All the best,

  • Duncan Thorn says:

    Hi Peter & Bec,
    Very informative video as always.
    On the subject of Muses, can you explain your approach on progressing them from conservative beginnings, into your messed up style, as you put it, that involves implied and nudity. How do you ask them to try that without coming off creepy, and losing them altogether?
    Keep it up!

  • Rick Campbell says:

    Question for both Peter and Bec…
    I’ve heard one or both of you say this I think in one of your recent Podcasts, but it could have been youtube.. haha

    I’m really exhausted by the “every girl” thinks they are a model and is expecting any photographer to pay them. I’ve tried to be polite over the years, but it’s getting ridiculous. I 100% agree with the experience level, etc.

    My question is how do both of you approach replying to potential models/clients when they expect payment and they have literally done 1 shoot, or their portfolios don’t reflect their experience level?

    I’ve tried for years to be myself and be super nice and try to explain “who should pay who” but it’s exhausting. There is even a graphic floating around with the diagram, but some people just don’t get it. haha

    Maybe the best is just to ignore unsolicited messages demanding they be paid and move on? I’ve always been one to try and pass on my experiences and try to help others and in this case, stop the insanity, but its probably a lost cause.

    I’m sure tons of other photographers worldwide are having this issue.

    Hopefully, some of this makes sense 🙂

    Once again, thank you to both of you for all that you do for our community 🙂 rick

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