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Film – Yes or No?

Peter has been shooting a lot with film recently doing various tests, and comparing film + film workflow. In this video he goes through all the this and weighs up if in this day and age, is it worth shooting on film?

16 comments on “Film – Yes or No?

  • Matt Phillips says:

    Interesting – and like you, I love the impact of the grain on the overall feel of the photo. But is that because my nearly 62 year old eyes were brought up on grained photographs and old Hollywood movies? Perhaps in the not too distant future the demand will be for digital perfection as that is what everyone has and what they look at every day on their feeds and elsewhere. Much like what happened with the transfer from vinyl to CD/digital music. I still love the crackle and pops I get with my vinyl (on a 37 year old turntable and amp – can’t afford the new shit) and the sound it produces is so much more atmospheric and real – it’s not prerfect. And just like the music – as people are now going back to vinyl – people will then want images with the added imperfections that you have just shown us how to “put back”. (Any chance of adding the grain files somewhere for us to use, to save me buying a film camera, file, processing costs and all the other stuff – cheeky I know, but if you don’t ask you don’t get!)

  • To create the Grain , you take a film photo of the backdrop a gray or white one and expose it at 18% gray. and that is what you use?

    I’ve downloaded Tri-x and other Kodak and Ilford profiles for Lightroom that simulate the grain and look of those films. Not really sure how close they are, but with this new technique of grain creation will make it easier to get the exact same as film, without spending $$$ on film/developing etc.

  • Appreciate your take on film. It is efficient, cost affective, well thought through. Your approach on the more gear the more you are slowed down is a nice and balanced take on things.

  • Stephen Hess says:

    Thanks for the in depth thoughts and unique way to introduce film grain into your photos! I always look forward to these types of discussions as it give me another perspective to think about as I hone my own personal style

  • jeanclmuller says:

    Thank you Peter for this insight, you are so right.

    I know a bit Fashion photographer Vincent Peters, he shoots only film for B&W images when the client let him do it.
    He uses his old original RZ67 with portra 160 negative film and converts to B&W in the scan software.

    Concerning film format rendering I guess you cheat a bit in favor of 6×7 as you frame vertical filling the format and in horizontal and not filling the format for 4,5×6.
    Perhaps it’s because the rotating back make it so easy

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