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What’s In My Bag 2023

Peter has recently updated his camera systems, and explains what is currently in his camera bag plus when and why he would use certain gear.

11 comments on “What’s In My Bag 2023

    • I don’t like B&W digital cameras, everyone’s digital B&W’s look the same, I prefer colour, so I can make my black-and-white the way I like it now, and I have much more adjustments with the tonality’s. I’ve also gone back to shooting with colour film and converting to black-and-white later. Bec gives me so much more range of the tonality’s.

    • hi Steffen, I own the M10M and really like it, It’s great in low light and terrible color situations like concerts. Peter is right that you have more control with a color sensor portraits in controlled situations.

  • Macel Bereuter says:

    Hy Peter just for my courosity , is there a chance that we will see a Video of a shoot with the Analog Leica ? what specialy interrest me is the Question, do you Meter each shoot with a light meter or is that feeling type of thing ?
    Sorry for my bad english not a native speaker

  • Hey peter
    I was lucky that Hasselblad repaired my H6D-50. I showed you the problem in Amsterdam.

    I had a long email conversation with HB Sweden, because I was pretty pissed about the fact that I had to sent my H6D 2 times before to them. (other problems).

    So this was the third time. And after 10 weeks I got it back. I didn’t have to pay for it. Now it seems that the camera is working good again.

  • Hey Peter

    This year I also started with Leica. I have a Leica SL2 with the Summicron-SL 50mm f2. 0 (that was part of the offer)

    Now I want to buy a new Leica lens.
    I’m considering
    – leica apo-summicron-M 90mm f/2.0 (with adapter)
    – Leica APO-SUMMICRON-SL 90mm f/2 ASPH

    Members of the Leica group (on FB) say that the SL is much sharper as the M-version.

    So I’m in doubt what to buy. I know the SL has autofocus and the M don’t have AF.

    What are your thoughts about this 2 lenses?

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