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Peter’s Camera Bag

In this video, Peter goes through what is in his camera bag – not all of his gear but his go to essentials for travelling and shooting on location. He explains the benefit each bitof gear brings to him, and also goes through what he would leave behind if he absolutely had to.

Some of the gear mentioned:

Really Right Stuff Ball head + Tripod
iFootage Cobra Monopod
Ona Leather Bags
Vibesta Peragos
Flash L Bracket

2 comments on “Peter’s Camera Bag

  • Merry Christmas ! Hope you and your family ( including Bec ) have a happy and healthy holiday season !

    Just wanted you to know I finally got a proper play with the Vibesta Peragos the other night. Atop my Sony A7rii with a 24mm lens. It’s a bit cold in the Mid-Atlantic section of the USA; but, my muse was willing. It was a run and gun shoot. Done in about an hour. Really pleased with the images ! Thank so much! Cheers !

    • Happy New Year George 🙂 I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday season too.
      Peter still hasn’t gotten around to filming a tutorial with the Peragos, we had it planned but then got swamped with commercial work before Christmas once restrictions eased in Melbourne. So happy you are pleased with your images from it, it’s such an awsome little light and we will do our best to get a tutorial up with it asap 🙂 cheers!

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