New Stuff 2

Peter’s been changing a lot and transitioning to a new system and more relevant to what’s happening today. In these three videos, he shows how he goes through and decides on cameras and camera settings, and also plays around with balancing natural and artificial light – something we will be doing much more of in the future.

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  • Eero Makela says:

    One thing I am wondering is that the Hassy is a Medium format and those are suppose to have more dynamic range, and other Advantages over FF.
    But then I have never seen Lecia pictures as RAW, Only Hassy I took 7 pictures years ago with a 50mp and I took same model pictures with my Nikon 12mp APS-C (D300) to compare. But that was then, and there was a huge difference and i recall saying WOW when I finally got a hold of Phocus software to play with the files. But Now I have a FF Nikon Mirrorless Z7ii 45mp with S Series lenses . But I am even still impressed with my older Nikon D300/D7100 photos. I’ve also taken Studio shots with Sony A7iii (ILCE-7M3) and they are amazing as well

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