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My Home Studio

Welcome to Peter’s Home Studio!

8 comments on “My Home Studio

  • zacgrimaldo says:

    I too am a workaholic, maybe I need a home studio…especially because I like to work at night. How do you move files back and forth between the studio and the home office? Is it all online or in the cloud or physically transport a hard drive or computer?

    • I have a raid setup at both my studio and home office all my work is on both. My workflow is I do a shoot save them at the studio then save a copy to my 4TB portable drive witch lives in my laptop bag and travels with me everywhere and when I get to the office I save a copy to my office raid. Hope that makes sense.

  • Are there any tips for a home studio for taking the photos? I’m mainly concerned about the white walls in my apartment if I should paint some poly boards black to line the walls (and possibly ceiling since it’s only 2.4m) to help minimise the strobe light bouncing around? Would that be a good idea or would I be better off using some sort of fabric and if so does it matter if just plain black curtains, velvet, felt, or what?

    • Hi Cameron, if the room is fully white you might find you’re getting flat images so it’s definitely handy to have some black curtains to drop in, it doesn’t matter what material they are as the black will be so dark regardless. Also a grey celling could be better than white as it is so low. Hope this helps 🙂

  • James Cinquemani says:

    Your outdoor window views and bar stock, are both inspirational. One needs to love their work to go at it 24 hours a day. Doing what you do is additionally inspirational, after seeing your impressive resulting photography.

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