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Camera Gear

Peter discusses and shows you his current cameras, lenses and accessories. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box below!

Really Right Stuff
X-Rite ColorChecker
Metabones adapter
Roto Light
Teather Tools
Flash Bracket

10 comments on “Camera Gear

  • capturedlight says:


    What model of the Root Light are you using? Also can you go into the difference between using a mirrorless camera versus a DSLR that has the mirror up in live view?


    • Peter Coulson

      Hi Eric, I use the Roto Light Neo 2, love it. I can’t use live view because the lag is too slow, and I’m an old fart and am used to putting my eye to a view finder. I’m not in love with shooting like on an iPhone, but that’s just me personally and if you’re comfortable doing what you’re doing and getting great photos, then keep doing it 🙂

  • Hi Peter and your great asistent, first of all I love your videos, love your way how you shot and way you live, you talk…Great job! Second, please be patient with my english I’m H5D-50 CCD user…I spent one month with X1D I…I fall in love with 90mm lens and cmos sensor and ISO. But what I really don’t like was electronic viewfinder, its blackout and speed. Please, help me I made a decision to sold my ccd H5D-50 and buy cmos. H6D-50c or X1D II…80% I’m shooting portrait in studio. How many time do you need to be familier vith X1D viewfinder and speed ? I can buy only one of them because of my money….what you wil buy if you will have money for only one H6D-50c and keep 80/150/50 lens or X1D II with 80/45/150…thank you for your help with decision. Best regards Jan

    • Peter Coulson

      Thanks heaps, we love feedback like this, but shh don’t tell Bec she’s great. No need to apologise for your English, it’s my first language and I still can’t speak it properly 🙂
      I love the H6D but it’s dead, they aren’t making a new one and no new stuff so it’s end of line sadly. I haven’t used the new X1D, so I’d suggest you get a demo and try it out, but if you don’t like it get a H6D. I’m also not a fan of blackout time but I get around it by keeping both eyes open when I shoot. I love the 50/100/150 with the H6D, and love the 80 on the X1D, but it’s hard to answer your questions because my answers are about taste, bet advice I can give is to get a kit and go play to find what you love for your style.

      • Thank You ! I get H6D-50c + orange point 80mm in set ! It came yesterday and I’m so happy…it is absolutely perfect !!! I saw you how you are photoshooting with both eyes opened in some video…I tried this and I have to say, your are “crazy chameleon” :-))) I can’t do it . Your latest video about “How we meet with Beck”…it is excellent TOP…it makes me happy and smile. I like you both and wish you the best ! Jan ps: I tried your lighting with 2umbrella (under/up position) + over lighting backround for BW picture of 2 milf aged ladies (owners of beauty salon) and it was GREAT ! They love the photo…only a little of retouching was necessary. THANK YOU 🙂

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