#1 – Raw Workflow

This series of 6 tutorials covers fundamental sections of Photoshop. Don’t forget to download the RAW image to try it yourself!

4 comments on “#1 – Raw Workflow

  • zacgrimaldo says:

    I’m not sure why I like watching someone else shoot and retouch, but I do! I actually listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I retouch, there’s a certain calmness to it.
    #5 – gave me real insight to this process for color and BW grading. Almost a eureka moment… I’m about to retouch some headshots using the action and this method! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Good morning, Peter. Thanks so much for doing this set in such detail. It really helped !

    I do have a question regarding the brush tool. If I adjust the size of the brush using the Wacom pen, moving the pen left to right holding control + option, I change the diameter of the brush. If I continue holding control + option but move the pen up and down, I can change the hardness of the brush. My question is do you have a set hardness when you use the brush tool? Thanks again for all the instruction here. It’s brilliant !

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