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Retouch – Tiziana

This is a start-to-finish retouch of Tiziana.

7 comments on “Retouch – Tiziana

  • Hello Peter,
    a very impressive photo retouch with a great result.
    Less is very much more.
    A lot is recommended in retouching with FS. But I like more the look and touch of your photos because they look more natural.

    “I just can’t stop sometimes!” are your words on the 25:06 timeline.
    That’s how I feel sometimes too. I would have thought that you would have retouched more in this photo, namely in the areas “left of the armpit” and “under the breast”.
    Why didn’t you continue there?
    Or did you think about that too?
    I ask because I often have the impression of being unfinished in such areas of the skin and then find it difficult to find an end.

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