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Making our videos BTS

We were asked by a member of Inspire how we film and edit all the tutorials you see on here, and the easiest way to explain this was by making a tutorial of how we make tutorials! You will see the full process from how we film to how we edit.

8 comments on “Making our videos BTS

  • This was very interesting and although I didn’t understand much of it and will probably never use it, I still really enjoyed it!
    If I ever need to make a film, this will my starting point.

  • Christopher Polubinski says:

    This was neat to see. I’m used to seeing demonstrations of things like this from people whose goal is to produce something far more involved and cinematic. This made the process much less intimidating.

    Another nice part of it was the introduction of the microphones and the separate cameras a bit at a time. It gave a view into what it would be like to produce a video without those and how their addition isn’t a requirement for a video, but rather just an expansion and more possibilities. In that way, it tracks very nicely with the gear conversation in photography. You don’t need the newest, flashiest thing to produce a good result. But they DO give you more options if you decide you’re ready to add them in.

    • Lighting is just the daylight we get in the studio, and camera settings are 25p frame rate and 1/100 shutter but aperture and ISO are all over the place because Bec adjusts them as the sun goes in an out. We often run the fixed cameras on auto ISO because Bec is on the gimbal and can’t adjust the settings when the sun moves.

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