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Julia is an awesome actress, TV presenter, and model who recently had to relocate back to Australia due to the pandemic and while she has not been too happy about the move, Peter has been really looking forward to working with her again.

In this tutorial, throgh talking about memories and feelings, they disucss and show you the very subtle changes in a face that feeling a certain emotion can create, and how posing from the inside out can take your photos to that next level of depth.

5 comments on “More Talking

  • I did a shoot with a creative director and he used the words – ” give me more drama”
    Seemed to work pretty well. Do you think thats problematic as well?

  • uwe.boehl-privat says:

    Hi Peter, great, lots of good stuff to take away from all this “talking”. One additional thing interests me. I understood that you selected the t-shirt for her as one of your favourites? Obviously it never ceases to draw her attention, always checking if it isn’t revealing too much. Is that intentional?

    • Thank you so much, glad it was helpful for you. Yeah Julia has a habit of her boobs falling out quite a lot, they’re usually great picures but her boob has fallen out we can’t use it haha, so now she always checks they’re in the top so she doesn’t waste a good picture 🙂

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