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Posing Bec

In this tutorial, you will see Peter push Bec by changing her body language to get her to feel different things to get this look and feel Peter was after. Posing is not about sliding a foot back and creating triangles. It’s about Model moving so she can feel and then shall give you the look.

6 comments on “Posing Bec

  • Thanks Peter and Bec for another excellent video. Combining the skills you both have with natural light and minimal background distractions ensures beautiful results.

  • Another great video Peter. Poses is an area I think I need more skill in and if possible would like you to offer more specific info on do’s and don’t of a good look ( I know you don’t like pose). For example when she put her head on her knees and you mentioned not to smush the face, this is one that’s obvious but there are several things aren’t necessarily. An instructor told me once that when doing an over the shoulder look with the back angled toward the camera there should always be a gap between the chin and shoulder. A supermodel perfected it but I don’t recall which one and his reply was she is the only person who can pull it off. I have seen shots without this gap that I liked but have always avoided it for my own work since being told that. What are your thoughts on it and if you think of it during your filming please include these type thoughts in the future. Not looking for your “rules” just your thoughts. Thanks and keep up the great videos.

    • If the model does oppose, not feel, it looks bad. I just tell LA model what’s wrong with it, but I want them to make a change and make it comfortable, as you know I hate posing, I much prefer Model to feel

  • Returning to the head on the knee pose I thought she should bring the face forward as she hid part of her lip before she did so. Little tidbits like that to help perfect a pose is what I think we could all benefit from your insights on.

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