Phoenix Training Pt 2

Phoenix is the younger sister of a model Peter used to shoot with a lot, and she has recently decided she wants to get in to modelling. She contacted Peter for a test shoot and some training. This video is from their second shoot together and shows Peter training Phoenix and his tricks he uses to get models more relaxed.

One comment on “Phoenix Training Pt 2

  • Ron Gough says:

    A real light bulb moment for me here. Your appraisal at the end around are the the shots going to be able to sell things. When I look at mine and most of others work, Insta/Facebook….that’s it!. They are lovely pictures of very pretty models that they and their family would enjoy and be proud of. Rightly so.
    But they don’t have that bang! that hits you between the eyes and makes a compelling statement.
    There’s me looking for the reasons why I rarley get excited about a lot of what I view. The penny has now dropped.
    Great sessions Peter – Thanks.
    I wish Pheonix all the best on her chosen path.

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