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Interview with RaRa

Rhiannon (Giant Melb) and Peter have been working together for 5 years, after meeting backstage at a runway show. In this interview, her and Peter discuss their work together, RaRa’s experiences being a commerical model overseas, what she wants to see from photographers when they contact her for bookings, plus lots of laughs.

17 comments on “Interview with RaRa

  • Hi Peter and Bec and the gang.

    Ok, I’m either 40 and a prude or I’m missing something.
    RaRa, like all of your models is incredibly beautiful, full stop.

    But I just don’t want to take photos of naked women. I’ve always thought that clothing accentuating the lines of a woman’s body is so much more sensual/erotic/beautiful (depending on your reference) than actual nudity. And it is absolutely about the eyes! (being crude for a second, they are called “come-to-bed-eyes” not “come-to-bed-nipples”)

    I follow Peter because he inspires me to create beautiful images, but like the photographers RaRa mentions, it does seem to be about getting the model naked! The models in my area of the UK seem to be very happy to strip off, but very few have gorgeous implied nudity or even fashion/beauty images… So WHAT have the photographers been asking for??

    What am I missing? Do nude shots sell for more or have I grown up differently and this is what the world wants?

    Possible rant over….., Just want to say thank you guys for producing amazing images, inspiring tutorials and strong-willed female models!

    • Hi Simon, you’re not a prude at all, everyone has different tastes. Unfortunately though, there are a number of photographers who are in it for the wrong reasons and are only taking photos with the purpose of having a naked woman standing in front of them. I am very upfront that I do not shoot nude, but once I’ve arrived to a photoshoot there have been photographers who continue to ask again in a roud-about way, that’s how you quickly learn who is just a perv with a camera haha.

      But that being said, not everyone is a sleaze, and a lot of photographers find a naked womans body or even impled nude to be the more beautiful. You are not missing anything, it is simply a matter of difference in taste, and there are a lot of models who are completely body comfortable and do not mind being topless or nude. But of course at the end of the day, there are also certain photographers out there who are only taking photos to see a pair of boobs. I hope that answers your questions 🙂

  • Duncan Thorn says:

    Great interview, thanks. I know Peter hats the bangs, but I love them!!!
    I noticed in your very first shoot together, and for a while after that, RaRa was completely topless, not just implied or sheer, but in more recent shoots and Inspire videos she is not. She now never shows topless, like the early shoots, and always covers up now. I wonder what changed and why that is?

  • A great interview with a great model.
    So good to emphasize the personal aspect of modeling.

    I was fortunate to meet an have a few conversations with Rhiannon during the 2022 workshop in Amsterdam, she’s such a wonderful person.

    Take care..

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