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Interview with Julia

Disclaimer: Video goes black with no audio from 31:05 – 32:16 due to upload failure – will be reuploaded tonight.

This interview is with the awesome Jules, who is a model, actress, presenter, and all round amazing person. She has recently come back to Melbourne after living in London for a few years, so Peter and her caught up to have a chat about how she started in the industry, where she’s going now, her likes and dislikes about photographers, and how photographers should go about booking her! We hope you enjoy.


4 comments on “Interview with Julia

  • william says:

    Great insights from you both. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

    Hope to see fashion, modeling, and photography recover from this plague of commodity that they’re suffering from.

    Do you think it will get better if we keep pushing back and holding creative work to a higher standard? Or are we just crotchety old men who need to get with the times?

    • Peter Coulson

      Thanks a lot William, we haven’t done an interview in a while but will be doing more in 2021.
      I hope it recovers too, but it’s just so hard to find inspiring stuff these days. I will always keep pushing back, hate the new Insta models look

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