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Interview with Deborah

Deborah Frey is a beautiful German model, inside and out. She first worked with Peter on his last Europe trip, and they both look forward to the one time a year they get a chance a to work together. In this interview, Deborah and I discuss her modelling career, and how different working with Peter is to other photographers plus more.



3 comments on “Interview with Deborah

  • mario.bolte says:

    I like Debbys idea of changing the position / role of model and photographer – it could help to be a team and give a better understanding of each role.
    There has to be always communication between model and photographer (…sometimes about Justin Bieber or cute little pets…), but in a workshop-situaiton its complicated, because people are nervous, there is not so much time…
    Thanks Bec / Debby for the interview. Hope to see you again!

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