Breaking Chrissy PT 1

These tutorials are from a Photoshoot with Chrissy. Watch and listen to Peter & Chrissy as he builds back her confidence in front of the camera… Or as we like to call it, ‘Breaking the Model’.

Camera:Hasselblad H6D-50c

Model: Chrissy Walczak
Makeup artist & hair: Lou McLaren

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      • Correction: aspiring photographer. But leanring quickly 🙂

        One thing that I am constantly amazed by is how well Peter communicates with the models. Peter has an amazing way of helping them get to where he wants them without seeming rude or pushy. So the interactions are a great lessons.

  • It’s a good lesson that even attractive people have self doubts and need encouragement and help building up confidence. It’s more like “fixing Chrissy” than “breaking Chrissy” :-).

    Technical remark: there are comments below this video but if you navigate to it using the Posing/models menu – then there are no comments. Your website seems to have issues showing the same content under different categories.

  • I love the way Peter makes his models seem so at ease and enjoying the shoots. Yes I see it is the communication that is key. Two months ago Peter was in Perth promoting the Hasselblad latest offering, and I was amazed how he produced 6 to-die-for images within the first 30 seconds of shooting. Which inspired me to sign up for this site.
    I had my first solo studio shoot with a very professional model last week with the intention of trying to replicate one of Peter’s themes. I was very intimidated beforehand but with the communication principles learned here I was able to make the best of the opportunity. Any issues we had were technical in nature but the results were great for my beginner standard – due to the communication.
    Not being an oil painting myself, I find it hard to believe these beautiful women don’t have the confidence in front of the camera we think they have as models that are spectacularly gorgeous. As all women featured are but photographed in such a beautifully simple and natural way.
    Rozzana, I also enjoy your insights from the models themselves to help us develop working relationships with models as we progress. Jae is also incredibly beautiful. I’m guessing “Jae” is short for something of Korean heritage – Koreans are lovely – just ask my wife YoonJung:)
    Loving the tutorials. Thank you Peter, Rozanna and team.

    • Rozanna Nazar says:

      Paul, thank you for taking the time to proivde us such lovely feedback. It isn’t easy, and can be incredibly uncomfortable, oil painting or not. I hear over and over issues from both models and photographers, and I really believe communication is the resolution to this. I am also really glad you had your first shoot! Do you feel more confident now you have 1 shoot under your belt?

  • Hi Peter, Becca and Chrissy! I’m obviously not going to ask about specific prices but how would the finances work on a shoot like this one?
    Has the model paid the photographer Or has the photographer paid the model? Or has a client paid the photographer and the model?

    Also in another video you spoke about TFP and Test shoots. Is there a difference or in name only? I’m finding my feet in the UK and making sure I use the correct lingo!

    Appreciate your work and time always guys!

    • Bec Pead says:

      Hey Simon! When shooting & filming for Inspire we always pay our models, but for this specific shoot Chrissy wanted photos for her folio & Peter wanted to film the episode so it was a fair trade. Generally speaking for test shoots the model and photographer are working together for images for both their folios, but if the model doesn’t want the photographers work in their folio then photographer will pay her, and vice versa if the model wants a certain photographers look in her folio but the photographer wouldn’t use it in theirs then the model would pay. I hope I explained that okay!

      And yes TFP is what amateurs call them, but test shoots is the professionals term 🙂 thanks for watching!

  • marcw1914 says:

    You can fall in love with taking pictures but helping someone else go from low confidence to high confidence and helping them achieve what they desire, is the real true reason for doing this!

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