Tilt Shift Look 3

The awesome Evelyn Sommer recently came down to Melbourne and contacted us for a shoot with Peter. As Evelyn is a travelling model, we only had limited time before she had to catch a train to her next destination, so Peter built a quick set with 4 shooting areas so he could smash out multiple looks in no time at all – something he does for his commercial clients all the time. And then he also decided he wanted to make his digital camera look more like film, so he bought out a tilt shift to get a surreal effect. This tutorial is more fly-on-the-wall, and we hope you enjoy watching these two create some stunning images together!

(Apologies our screen recorder was not working on this day)

4 comments on “Tilt Shift Look 3

  • I like the way you used the lines in the flooring here to lead the eye. Especially interesting with shallow depth of field One question: I noticed the hole just in front of her. Is that something you would clone out or something that you think adds to the photograph?

  • I know you are not Nikon but in general terms, for mirrorless cameras how do you set up viewfinder so you can see subject while shooting with flash? The viewfinders WYSIWYG so in a typical flash shoot f/9 iso 100 1/200sec the viewfinder is pitch black if there is no ambient light. In order to see subject I have found one must disengage camera settings for the viewfinder so I can´t use any of the tools that make the mirrorless cameras interesting like focus peaking or zebras. I noticed that for this shoot you mostly did ambient light with flash fill but in other shoots with the Sony cameras you primarily use flash.

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