Tahan Retouch 2

These lighting tutorials are from a recent shoot with model Tahan Lew. Even though we only had a limited amount of time, Peter managed to achieve 4 different looks replicating other peoples lighting while still making it his own.

This is followed by a Raw Workflow and two retouching tutorials.

5 comments on “Tahan Retouch 2

  • Great tutorial… Thanks for spending so much time on the different lighting setups… So many ideas for me to try and work with! ROZIE, missed your interview segment!!! Did you have to skip it this time because Tahan had to leave? She’s great, by the way! I could tell she was really having fun!

    • Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi John! I did not interview Tahan – To be honest, my reasons were that Tahan doesn’t work as much in the commerical industry as a model, she makes money via modeling more to do with promotional things. Her asnwers would have been interesting but probably the same as everybody elses – I am looking for a bit of spice 🙂

  • Hi Peter, I got all your workflow when retouching in B&W. What do you normally use to retouch blemishes in colour? Healing brush or frequency separation? In B&W it’s easier as they’re just basically changes in luminosity but colour is trickier.
    Thanks 🙂

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