The Shoot

Stefania and Peter were brainstorming another out-of-the-box shoot and Stef suggested shooting on location in this beautiful Victorian setting. They came up with a spaghetti concept beforehand, and while on the shoot decided to have Stef’s friend who was visiting her also join the shoot to tell a complete story.

The first part of this shoot is fly-on-the-wall style, showing you how Peter works without explaining everything. He then shows you how he creates one of his stop frame videos followed by the final result,

10 comments on “The Shoot

  • DavidDPhotography says:

    I’ve been wanting to put together an editorial shoot and this seems like how I should take direction to completing it. This was really helpful Peter.
    Speaking on that, do you have any tips for me for putting together my first editorial?

    • Thanks heaps David, glad this was helpful. For your own editorial, come up with a mood board, styling, make-up idea & location and try to tell a story from the first picture to the last picture without it being too obvious. But if things don’t go well, throw the storyboard out and don’t tie yourself to it, if it’s not working dump it and try something new, don’t try and make something that’s not working work, hope that helps

  • Peter,

    I would like to know how you are able to focus manually with your Hasselblad? I know from other videos that you are useing sony’s focus mask but what about when using hasselbald? I own Phase One XF IQ3 50.


  • Duncan Thorn says:

    Creative concepts as always from you and Stef!
    I noticed a guy walk past the door at one point. Don’t know if he was a hotel guest or employee, but wondered if you briefed the hotel of your nudity concept, or just rented the private dining room and hoped for the best, without permission?
    Keep it up!

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