Shooting On Location Retouch

Join Peter and RaRa as they show you why shooting in full sun is Peter’s favourite, and how he can also get a direction of light if the weather takes a turn.

4 comments on “Shooting On Location Retouch

  • capturedlight says:

    Hi Peter,

    Is there any benefit of using the ACR BW option as it opens the image in Photoshop as grayscale instead of keeping it color so it opens as a RGB image and then converting it with a BW Adjustment layer?


    • Hi Eric, before you click open, make sure that bottom little highlghted line is saying what you want it to be taken into Photoshop as. If you click that, you can make it the settings you want, my suggested settings are 16bit adobe RBG so now it will open in photoshop as an RBG, I explain this at 2:30 in the video 🙂 cheers.

      • capturedlight says:

        Thanks Peter.

        I didn’t realize that it was overwriting the color space option I had set with the ACR preferences (I just thought it was a programming thing) and that you could reselect a different color space but keep the BW attributes before opening. I saw you check the settings, but my mind wasn’t thinking color space, it was just thinking bit size, file size, and ppi.

        This tip alone just paid for this years membership. Thanks again.

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