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Part 2

While complying with social distancing, Peter and I went to an abandoned golf course to shoot in the Australian bush as we call it. As we were deep amongst the trees, there was lots of dappled light Peter used to highlight and shape by moving me around.

4 comments on “Part 2

  • Really enjoyed this tutorial. I am a big fan of large format looks and find it very interesting whenever Peter tries to mimic it. (Gives me ideas!) Major kudos to you both for the work and extra kudos to Bec for tolerating the buggy environment. I fully understand, not a fan of bugs either. Especially some of the ones I think you have down there.

    • Thanks heaps Gerald! I agree, large format has nice a nice feel to it. And lols, you’re not wrong, we definitely get some weird bugs on this side of the world 🙁

  • says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this shoot, gives us all ideas during lockdown. Becs you were amazing (as always), barely moving a muscle you manage to give so any looks and micro expressions . Great work both.

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