Shay in Paris ii Pt 2

This BTS tutorial is from our 2023 trip to Paris shooting in our incredible Airbnb with Shay. We had amazing light on the balcony and a huge living room to play with, Peter was loving the bounce he was getting off of all the white buildings on the opposite side of the road. After we did a few looks inside, we went out to the street to get a more street fashion feel which really matches Shay’s look.

4 comments on “Shay in Paris ii Pt 2

  • Wow that room is to die for! You make it look so easy to get such amazing work. Of course someone like Shay is the icing on top. But then it never matters whom you shoot it is always soo good.

  • James Cinquemani says:

    See how the camera distance off the floor in relation to your subject, makes a difference with the feel of the picture. (One word you used; fashion). Excellent tip.

  • Eero Makela says:

    Did I see correctly, the 35/50/70 you framed the shots the same ie you moved farther/closer so they each show close to the same area in the shots. I have a 14-30 ZOOM so can do 30 easy, and my Zoom ends at 70, and I can put a manual focus 50 on my camera or us a zoom to dial in 50 (also i could use my 24-70 to dial in 35. I’ve kinda maxed out my Lens budget for the time being.

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