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RaRa Fiji Shorts

This fly-on-the-wall tutorial shows another shoot RaRa and Peter did while we were in Fiji.

4 comments on “RaRa Fiji Shorts

  • pauldsimmons says:

    I love this video its raw as it comes no trickery. If photographers dont watch this and get inspired to just shoot i give up! I especially like peter ssaid fk lol

  • So happy to see you struggle a bit Peter, as my recent beach shoot was killing me with focus issues. I tried to do a late night version as the sunset disappeared and had so many shots not grab the right focus. So I feel so much better knowing it even happens to you. But I did follow your advise and get some that had that “feel” despite not being spot on focussed with the eyes.
    Loved the b&w shots with RaRa in the tank top, for the look and tone. wow!

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