RaRa Fiji 2

This tutorial is from Peter and RaRa’s second shoot while we were in Fiji at sunset, followed by Peter’s workflow on an image using Lightroom.

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  • As we see more Leica shots with post production it’s great to see the continued progression of “your look” transposing to Lightroom each time. The wider mask to define the Halo etc being
    Your advice to trial and error and look for what we like sits nicely as, as in most things, tastes and feel can vary, is very powerful in helping me see there is no right or wrong…….if I like it and want to replicate it…..then that’s my look developing. A real epiphany moment.
    Having said that haha……..your look is the motivation. : -)

    Thanks Team.

  • Hi Peter, can I ask how you manage to lift the shadows when under exposing RaRa and in general, without the dark areas looking muddy. I have an Canon R so the files should be good, however the shadow faces and skin always seem unusably muddy and full of blacks that I can’t pull out. Any tips?

    • Hi Paul, I’m working on it tutorial right now, showing my like a workflow and Lightroom and how I can work with shadows and highlights, in the meantime if you want to send me one of your roars from the Cannon I will do a quick little video and I’ll send it back to you or put it on Volley or I can add it to my tutorial whatever you would l. peter@koukei.com.au

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