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We received a suggestion of me taking Peters photo for a change and thought it could make an interesting video considering I am not a photographer. I started off super excited about the whole thing but started to get really nervous when it came time for the actual shoot – a feeling I’m sure is pretty common when you’re just starting out as a photographer! The message we wanted to get across in this video is to have confidence in your abilities as a photographer so you don’t walk into a shoot looking how I did, and we hope you enjoy.

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  • capturedlight says:

    HI Peter and Bec,

    This was fantastic! I loved how Bec was so uncomfortable at first when she was responsible for calling the shots and to watch her understanding and appreciation grow throughout was priceless. It brought back a lot of memories from shoots I’ve done.

    More models need to see content like this to help them understand that there is more to taking good images than just clicking the shutter. I also really liked how you ended it as it shows the difference between someone who isn’t comfortable developing a shot compared to someone who is.

    Here’s another tutorial that was worth the membership fee for the year. Thanks.


    • Thank you so much Eric, so happy to hear you really enjoyed this one. That was the point I wanted to make, showing how much of a difference it makes when you’re not comfortable or have an idea of what you want to create. I agree it’s a great teaching tool for models too, Bec said she learned heaps.

  • That was fun !

    But, seriously, today a mood board is my go to. I collaborate with models on the mood board before we even set a date and time for a test shoot. It’s a great way to vet models because if they are not willing to spend the time on the mood board, there’s little reason to book a session.

    What came to mind watching these is how nervous I was the first several times I has a model in front of my lens. Really paying attention to the tutorials here and doing my homework has been a tremendous boost to my confidence.

    Sunday I had a new model in my studio. She wanted to bring a photography friend to the shoot for “support.” Fortunately, I know and respect this photographer ( family portrait, infant and baby photog ).

    As expected, when the shoot began, the photog wanted to direct the model. I gently explained I would not get the look ( off the mood board ) posing the model. They agreed to work with my method and were so impressed with the results the photographer wants me to photograph her ! She said she learned so much during the shoot.

    Anyway, thanks so much for everything, Peter ! It’s been a real pleasure.

  • jeanclmuller says:

    Hi Peter
    Nice to show how to use the “Lindberg black booth”
    Is the ceiling Panel also black, or dark grey ?

    He often shot on beaches with overcast sky (Deauville, Etretat…) so the sand or pebbles works as a natural reflector.

    Thanks for this new knowledge for me

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