Lindbergh Tent Lighting Pt 1

Peter Lindbergh is one of Peter’s favourite photographers, and he was very well known for using natural light with a tent set up. In this tutorial, Peter shows you how you can create stunning images using that same technique.

Some of the finished images from this shoot can be found here

5 comments on “Lindbergh Tent Lighting Pt 1

  • jeanclmuller says:

    Hi Peter
    I like the soft rich rendering of the tent and would like to see renderings and setting explanations about the tent outdoors on the beach with an open back as Lindberg was used to do it at his favorite shooting beaches : Deauville, Etretat, Le Touquet, Beauduc.

  • This one seems like a great candidate for a model interview. She could tell about how she was feeling about her work prior to this “refresh” session and how she was feeling after it.

  • I tried a Lindbergh Tent after your earlier YouTube vid and got some lovely images. But did not have enough time to adjust the set up as it took me too long to construct for the first time, in a limit time slot at a studio. Hair/Head separation was one of the main issue I didn’t set up correctly for.- This vid helps with that. Thanks Peter and keep inspiring us.

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