Bec Bikini

These series of videos are from our last afternoon and evening in Fiji. There was still a few shots that everyone wanted to create so we went back to the secluded beach we found at sunset so for an evening of back to back shoots.

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  • Thanks Peter, another great series of videos. RaRa and Bec both have amazingly expressive eyes. Love the images. Feeling insecure without a big screen only reminds me of the good old film days. Everything old is new again though, I’ve been experimenting with shooting some 20 year expired black and white films and developing them in coffee based developer, then photographing them in RAW format to process them in software. Having found success, I’m looking forward to doing some real film shoots again, i just need to find a muse who is regularly available.

  • Peter.
    Really enjoyed this, can tell from your body language these shots had a very different vibe to your studio shoots when working with RaRa and Becs, once again using direct sun to superb affect. Since trying this on the London workshop I try this every time we are lucky enough with the weather here in the UK. Thanks again for topping up the inspiration

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