Kathleen folio shoot

These tutorials feature Kathleen Duff, a Melbourne model that is incredible beautiful – inside and out. Watch her interview, BTS from a shoot + Peter talking you through a set-up for her portfolio!

Please note: The Portfolio tutorial was not filmed for an Inspire epidose. Peter loved how clearly it showed how he worked so he put it together explaining what he did.

2 comments on “Kathleen folio shoot

  • Angle of where the video was shot could have been beter, model far away and most of the time looking at Peter’s back and even model fully disappearing behind his back…

    • Rozanna Nazar
      Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi Marcel. Thank you for the comments, this video was not orginially filmed for Inspire, but Peter loved the footage and wanted to create this tutorial to specifically teach how he works doing test shoots, and how he re-creates images from another image. Also, very hard to film this angle as the model would have been exposed, which isn’t what we prefer. I hope you still enjoyed 🙂

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