Julia 2 – Look 5

These series of tutorials are from Peter and Julia’s second shoot together one year after their first. As Julia shoots so often, Peter goes heavier with his training, pushing Julia to be sexy for women and trying to get his look on to her.

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  • wonderful teaching videos, Peter, especially the first two. thank you for those with the model interaction to your comments. forgive this equip. question, but i use an x1d in the stdio for model shoots. i know the h6 has features i would like but since i don’t print larger than 2’, the 100 mp seems unnecessary and my x1d sensor renders skin and everything so beautifully. can you really see the difference?

    • Hi William I shoot the most with the H6D50c this is the same sensor as the X1D I also shoot with the H6D100c just for the lager sensor size so its true medium format, I don’t need 100mp just the lager physical sensor size.

  • Martin Regente says:

    So incredible how much Julia changed from the first time! And i love her expressions. Its so nice to see how much a model can do with her eyes

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