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This series of tutorials is the second part to Peter’s ‘Insta Fashion’ shoot with influencer Tahan. As an influencer, Tahan is sent clothes and products to post photos of on Instagram and from time to time gets Peter to help her with the photography. Following from Part 1, you will notice how much quicker they were able to get the shots and how much easier the entire shoot flowed.

As Peter explains during this tutorial, the ‘insta’ look is very different from his way of shooting – it is very emotionless and simply to show off an outfit.

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  • I provide independent cafes and restaurants with images for their social media as a paid service, and sometimes have to hire a model to sit and drink coffee – I’m sure they’d give permission for you to shoot there if they can be tagged and get to share the images, too. Pays to ask if they’re small; they can’t always afford marketing images but they’ll spot you a coffee or two if it means they get some shots for Insta.

    F asking malls though, haha…

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