Conceptual Nicole – Set Up

Peter has been working with Nicole for over 12 years now, and 3 years ago they decided to work on a conceptual series for an exhibition. These tutorials are from one of the shoots within the series, showing a detailed set up where you get to see how fussy Peter is moving lighting so slightly to get it perfectly matched the rest of the series, the shoot itself, and followed by a retouching tutorial.

2 comments on “Conceptual Nicole – Set Up

  • Most instructors would never post a 25 minute video of setting up and tweaking the light. Yet, this is the one of the most informative lessons one can watch. Thanks!

    • Yes Peter is very fussy with his lighting set ups 🙂 We are so glad you enjoyed watching this tutorial, we filmed a new tutorial last week where the lighting set up took one hour! I’m sure you will find that just as interesting and informative as this one.

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