Claire Part 3

These tutorials are from a shoot Peter did with dancer Claire Patterson in the streets of Paris, wearing outfits that made it very difficult for her to dance in. Watch how peter finds his locations, gets his exposure & gets amazing shots despite the shoot being very rushed as he only had 2 hours to do it in.

MUA & Styling – Caroline Madison

Click here to see images from this shoot! 

7 comments on “Claire Part 3

  • Excellent, Thank you very much for the inspiration. Great job.
    Peter, do you have people who take care of you during your outdoor shootings ?
    If so, how do you react ?

    • Yes sometimes we do, I normally try to difuse it by ignoring them or saying ‘sorry we are working at the moment’, I find they generaly stop after that. If I think things will escalate we will move, I try really hard not to have confrontation.

      • Thank you Peter for your answer, that’s what I’m trying on my side too.
        When that happens I ask the model to come to me and I stop for a moment. people get tired and they leave. Otherwise it’s me who leaves the place. In the worst case .

  • frank_a_nguyen says:

    So graceful, beautiful movements, shapes and lighting so inspiring Peter – gorgeous work. And Claire was OK to. Just kidding, LoL. For the retouch images can you copy over curves and or any layer settings to keep the lighting similar or have to re-create them on each image? I Know brushstrokes cannot be copied but just wondered about anything that can help reduce the workflow time. Thank you Peter.

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