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Chontelle in Paris – Interview

This footage was shot during our trip to Paris, May 2017. I discuss how I select our accomodation which we use to shoot, Peter’s lighting set-up and a few other things!

Peter was shooting on his Hasselblad X1D, using Natural Light, room lights and the Rotolight Neo.

7 comments on “Chontelle in Paris – Interview

  • Rozanna, thanks for sharing this. It’s so amazing to watch behind the scenes. How Peter can get simplest setups, locations etc look amazing “to die for” as Peter would say!

  • luca.trombino says:

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    May I ask if it is possible to know the address or the district of this gorgeous loft in Paris?
    It is not easy to find even deeply digging in the Airbnb site…
    Thanks a lot.

    • Bec Pead
      Bec Pead says:

      Hi Luca, thanks so much for the awesome feedback 🙂 we are glad you enjoyed the tutorial! Unfortunately this Airbnb is no longer available, we tried to book it last year but it is unlisted. However I can let you know it was in the Pigalle area (beautiful place with awesome restaurants 😉 )

      • luca.trombino says:

        Hi Bec, many thanks for your answer, I will look for another flat.
        You are right, Pigalle is a beautiful place, even if I personally prefer the “rive gauche” (let say Quartier Latin) atmosphere.
        By the way, enjoy your trip in Europe!

        PS I enjoyed very much all tutorials, above all those of the amazing “lighting” section, but it is very interesting to know how Peter works also from the “behind the scenes” point of view

        • Bec Pead
          Bec Pead says:

          Hi Luca, my pleasure, sorry I couldn’t be more help though. I’ve never heard of ththe Rive Gauche but I will have a look in case we return to Paris next year! Europe was great, we are back in Australia now and will have some awesome new tutorials coming soon 🙂

          Thanks for the great feedback, we are so happy you’ve been enjoying the tutorials.

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