Bonnee Shooting & Posing

These tutorials are from Peter and Bonnee‘s most recent shoot which was their third time working together. Bonnee came in to the studio for this shoot in a different mood to previously, in a good way, so with her permission Peter decided to take her modeling to the next level!

As with all Peter’s shoots, she chose the inspiration for the shoot & Peter set up lighting to create the same feel. Stay tuned for a creative YouTube video coming soon!

4 comments on “Bonnee Shooting & Posing

  • These are my favorite videos yet given the current situation, these are getting difficult to watch only because there is nothing more in this world that I would love to do more than to do a shoot right now! lol So yeah I love these videos but it’s getting a little tough and I want to shoot so bad but quarantining is more important right now.

  • Been picking up so much in how to work and interact with the model from these videos, and then you go and add in a little something else that gets the model into the next couple of levels even they weren’t aware of. They say when it’s made to look easy you are watching a total craftsman, Many thanks for so much knowledge, take care for the present because I’m so looking forward to the future releases.

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