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Bella Boots Retouch

Peter finally has some time to do more of ‘his stuff’, and so we flew the awesome Bella over from LA for some shoots to create some awesome images! This shoot was one of their first ones together, adding on to Peter’s ‘nothing but boots’ series. Peter showed Bella the images he has already taken for the series and one of them really stood out to Bella in terms of lighting, so Peter tried to take this similar feel but also create a new awesome shot for the series!

This is followed by a retouch from the shoot.

4 comments on “Bella Boots Retouch

  • Love how subtle your retouching is. I’ve never used the dark cutting tool to go back over where I’ve used the light cutting done earlier. It really made a massive difference in her face. Cannot wait to play with that on my next retouch !

    Thanks for sharing the shoot ! Wonderful to see and hear how her modeling style changed after your talk. Love when a model can just be naturally themselves. My last shoot went that way and it was such a joy !

  • coussement.michael says:

    Hi Peter! In the Liquify part (something I recently started doing and funnily enough exactly the same way you do it, very tiny changes that make a lot of difference, without changing the person’s looks) there’s an easier way to compare your before and after, I’ve found.
    You can just check or uncheck the Preview box above Cancel/OK and that makes you switch between both very easily!

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