Bec Fiji Day 2 – Pt 1

This BTS tutorial is from our second day shooting in Fiji. Towards the end of the shoot, Peter did some video work and you will see and hear his direction while he shoots video, which is one of his favourite tricks to getting models to drift & move more.

One comment on “Bec Fiji Day 2 – Pt 1

  • Gregory VanWaldron says:

    On a video that doesn’t involve Bec, I normally learn or at least am looking for 3 or 4 things. 1. How you decide to light the scene. 2 The angles you are choosing to take. 3. The focal lengths you are using. 4. (sometimes) maybe the lens you decide you want to use.

    But when Bec is the subject, it adds a few level that is relatable to everyday use, because she is also your friend. She is usually behind the camera (but still professional) Bec. Sometimes she is “Wine” Bec. And the times she is model Bec, she is a completely different person. And that is useful when we “Not Peter Coulson level photographers” have to ask friends to model for us. It helps to see the “other” person someone can morph into.

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