Beach Shoot With RaRa Pt 1

With no reflectors or flashes, in this video Peter will show you why shooting with full sun in the middle of the day is his favourite time to shoot. Carrying extra gear when shooting on location draws more attention so we always keep it minimal and use natural reflectors instead – like the bounce off the white sand at a beach.

4 comments on “Beach Shoot With RaRa Pt 1

  • Pete, it is great to see not everyone is afraid to shoot mid-day as I was starting my photography journey again. All the so-called experts told me never to shoot at this time of day. And sadly, for a time, I avoided this. Now I have shot as you just did; I love the vibe you get with the background being somewhat blown out.

    Thanks again for breaking the rules and letting us know it is okay to bend or break the “rules.”

  • Peter. Just watched the beach shoot with flash and now we go full sun, got to admit well out of my comfort zone with these, but seeing how you where using the bounce light and shade just makes it look so easy, once we get some sun in the UK this is one I will try, as for lighting I’ve ever only used a constant light but flash has always been something I would like to master, so the first thing was to book your workshop in the Uk, and now to source a flash for the job. Big thanks to Becs and RaRa for another great inspire video. PS see you in May.

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