Ana Fashion – Look 1 – Shoot

Last year in between lockdowns, I discovered Ana when browsing for new models on Instagram. She is so beautiful inside and out, and each time she comes to the studio the photos get better and better! Peter is going to continue to train her how to become an incredible fashion model, and while this is their 4th shoot together we want to share Ana’s journey with you all so you can watch her as she progresses so you can learn how to mould models into the type of model you are after.

As well as model training, these tutorials show you fashion styling, lighting, and posing. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for a link to a translucent powder similar to what Peter used

5 comments on “Ana Fashion – Look 1 – Shoot

  • She is too concerned about her boobs popping out. It is holding her back from letting loose and really feeling it. Unfortunately, even most male photographers act like they are creepers who want to see a naked girl. They are only hurting the fashion industry by creating a negative vibe about nudity like this young lady is feeling. Thank goodness Peter is pure of heart. Hopefully, he brings her out of her shell. Thanks for being such a great teacher, Peter.

    • She had pasties on her boobs so nothing would fall out or be seen, I think the uncomfortableness is coming from her being new to modelling. And I completely agree there are sadly too many people in the industry for the wrong reason

  • Phillip.Coveney says:

    Quick question. Were the breakaway pants from Peter’s wardrobe or Ana’s? I absolutely adore the subtle patterning and style of them and have been unable to find anything like them. The current joggers trend and what’s widely available in department stores/e-fast fashion does not hang on the body or have the style I’m looking for. So any info would be appreciated.

    Sidenotes, great tutorial. This in conjunction with Mieke Posing Pt 3 I think is a wonderful illustration of fashion shapes/posing. Also, for what ever reason Inspire will not let me update my avatar. It has my original horrendous logo from when I first discovered Karl Taylor’s tutorials thru Hasselblad and about to start my business.

    • Bec Pead says:

      Hi Phillip, those pants are Ana’s own but I will ask her where she got them from next time she is at the studio 🙂
      I see what you mean about the avatar issue – I just tried to update mine & it looks like the link might be broken, I’ll get IT to fix it up and send you an email once it’s been fixed.

      And thank you so much, we are so happy you enjoyed this plus the Meika Fashion tutorials. We have more on posing coming very soon 🙂

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